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Download Khiladi 786 Movie Free ||| Download Full

Download Khiladi 786 Movie Free ||| Download Khiladi 786 Full Movie

Download Khiladi 786 Movie Free ||| Download Khiladi 786 Full Movie

Download Khiladi 786 Movie Free ||| Download Khiladi 786 Full Movie


Rumour has it that Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan has approached Akshay Kumar and requested him to postpone the release of his upcoming movie Khiladi 786 by a week. According to sources, Aamir Khan thinks that Khiladi 786 can hamper Talaash's Box Office business that is why he asked Akshay to postpone his film.

Download Khiladi 786 Movie Interestingly, not long ago, it was said that Aamir Khan is doing the same thing with Akshay's Khiladi 786, what Yash Raj Films did to Son Of Sardar. It was said that Aamir also has booked maximum number of single screens for Talaash and this has left Khiladi 786 with limited number of screens. But now we hear that Aamir wants Akshay to postpone his film.

However, sources say that Akshay Kumar tried to do best for Aamir Khan and even talked to his co-producers, Himesh Reshammiya and Eros International to postpone the film. But somehow the things did not work out in Aamir Khan's favour.
Download Khiladi 786 Full Movie
So, guys do you think even after the release of Khiladi 786 Aamir's Talaash can reach the 100 crore mark?

Download Khiladi 786 full Movie Free Khiladi 786', the Akshay Kumar film releasing this week, initially had a different title. It is learnt that music composer Himesh Reshammiya, who has also scripted the movie, had thought of naming it 'Punjabi Rajinikanth'.

A source says, "The protagonist is a character jisko koi ek kharoch bhi nahin maar sakta. In a way, he's invincible and can do wonders, just like Rajinikanth. The only difference is that he's from the north.

However, after Akshay heard the script and decided to not only act, but also produce the film, the makers decided to change the title to something more suitable for him. Eventually, at Akshay's behest, the title, Khiladi 786, was chosen. The creative producer of the movie, Rakesh Upadhyay, says, "The content of the film is in keeping with the hero, who is a larger-than-life character. Akshay suggested that since he's referred to as Khiladi â€" given his action hero image â€" and also, since the number, '786', is written alongside the destiny lines on the hand of his character, Bhaattar Singh, Khiladi 786 would be the most appropriate title for the movie.
Singer-composer Himesh Reshammiya, who has co-produced Khiladi 786 with Akshay Kumar, is sure the film will be a Rs. 100-crore film.

"As far as Rs. 100 crore is concerned, I am 100% sure and pray that the record Akshay Kumar has set with Rowdy Rathore and OMG Oh My God! this year, in Khiladi
786, we will surely cross that figure," the 39-year-old was quoted as saying.

Watch Khiladi 786 Movie Online Free The film has Akshay and Asin Thottumkal in the lead roles. Reshammiya also spoke highly of Akshay's chemistry with veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty. "Mithun da and Akshay's jodi has always been a hit. Mithun ji is a legend. He is playing Asin's elder brother Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar, who is a don and has done fantastic work," he said. Directed by Ashish R Mohan, Khiladi 786 is scheduled to release on December 7.

As we had indicated last month itself, the music of Akshay Kumar KHILADI 786 is scorching the charts, and with each passing day the popularity is increasing.

Not only that, the well thought of and apt promos have really hyped the movie and the audience, and especially Akshay Kumar fans are awaiting the film eagerly.

Moreover it brings back Akshay Kumar in his most loved action-comedy 'avatar', fresh from the blockbuster success of ROWDY RATHORE. So it comes as no surprise that the trade buzz for the film indicates that KHILADI 786 is all set for a bumper start not only at single screens but also at multiplexes, barring South and some high end multiplexes.

What must also be mentioned here is that, as always, after the bumper start and good opening weekend, it's the content that will determine the shelf life and final outcome of the film.
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